Mike is an excellent adviser and one of the best real estate agents to be your guide when purchasing your new home.
As first time buyers Mike explained us all the process in depth before we stared to look into properties and that
was really helpful. At times he went out of his way to accommodate our schedule to show us different properties
and we really appreciate his efforts on this front. During the whole process he guided us very efficiently without
any hassles right from bidding stage to the final completion. We not only came across Mike as a very good real
estate agent but in the process we made a very good friend for life. I would highly recommend Mike to be your
real estate agent while purchasing your next new home.
Thank you Mike. 

Chetan Kulkarni 

He worked within our budget & previewed homes before showing them to us & stayed within our needs.
We never felt pressured, trusted his opinion & knew he had our best interests at heart.
He clearly & precisely answered all our questions especially when dealing with short sales.
His manner is calm & caring which kept us at ease.
He is a pleasure to work with & I highly recommend him.

Marie Federico Jager

We are first time home buyers, and hiring Mike was the best decision we could have made.
He guided us through the entire process, from picking a neighborhood to closing on our new home.
He proved thrust worthy, was very generous with his time, and provided invaluable advice every step of the way
He had our best interest in mind, and most important, was behind us 100% when it mattered the most.
Bastien Pesenti


I highly recommend Mike Rezaee; he is a great person with wealth of knowledge and experience in Real Estate as well as
Financing; he quickly understands what exactly you are looking for and what are your financial terms and delivers to perfection;
he is very friendly and always on time; Mike goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service to his clients. I have bought two
houses through Mike and I will not hesitate to contact him again for all my real estate and or financing needs.
Abbas Abootorabi

Mike Rezaee, Intero Real Estate Services, is an extremely knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy agent.
My experience with Mike was with a purchase of a bank foreclosure condominium. Agents of other real estate
services were also friendly and courteous but did not have the real estate and foreclosure experience that Mike exhibited.
From the very first showing of the property, to the date of closure sixty days later, Mike was in constant contact
with me on every detail of the transaction.My original offer was surpassed by another buyer. Mike let me know
of this but as soon as he found out that this buyer did not qualify, he immediately contacted me that the property
was available once more., filled out all the required paperwork again, submitted to bank with new offer suggested
by Mike, kept digently working with the listing agent and thru his tireless efforts, I signed off on the property.
It was thru Mike’s knowledgeable and efficiency on real estate matters that I acquired the property.
I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Rezaee as a very personable, knowledgeable and efficient real estate agent.
Art Federico

Mr. Rezaee is a professional agent with integrity and years of experience.
He remained patient with us as we searched for our dream home and was there every step of the way.
I highly recommend him for his honesty when it comes to providing the right information about
certain neighborhoods. We are very happy with our new home.
Layla Sabourian-Tarwe

I had the good fortune to work with Mr. Mike Rezaee in selecting and purchasing our most recent house.
Mike knows this area and its neighborhoods well. He consistently demonstrated a keen eye for value and was
perceptive regarding a property's potential and its comparative value. He also consistently displayed those other
so-hard-to-find qualities of a professional realtor and good humor.
For us, Mike was tireless in his efforts, and we have been very satisfied with the result. I have worked with Mike on
different occasions in selling, selecting, and purchasing homes and have been extremely impressed with his knowledge
of the Real Estate market. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to work hard to make certain that his client satisfaction
is of the utmost importance. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking property in the Bay Area.
Sheida Thomas,

Mike is a great real estate expert to work with. I and my wife were both delighted by the quality of service provided by
Mike. Mike is a thorough professional with good knowledge of the Real Estate market. He is very friendly to work with.
He understands the psychology of the first time home buyer and helped us overcome some of our fears.
He has been very patient and never pushed us to sign a deal. Also he is very well connected in case you need services
like mortgage, house inspections etc. at competitive rate. That saved us so much of time and hassle.
I would strongly recommend taking advantage of Mike’s services, and wishing him good luck.
Mohanpreet Singh Mike's keen knowledge of the market conditions allowed us to determine the
perfect selling price for our house and he was always available to address any questions or concerns that
we had during the selling process.Mike is a true professional and his honesty and integrity is by far a cut above the rest!
Kourosh Vahdani
 Mike came to by referral from a friend for his expertise in short sales. Hi guided us through the process and with the help
of his partner, Nicole Thompson, overcame some huge hurdles with the banks. Having been through a successful short sale,
I'd say that, the biggest obstacle is the bank and the second biggest is in keeping the buyers in contract, waiting for the bank's
decisions. Mike handled the buyers and Nicole handled the bank which made for a successful team.
In all it took 16 months from start to finish the sale. I don't know what percentages of Silicon Valley short sales succeed,
but I'd say the skill and knowledge of Mike and Nicole enabled us to close the short sale. I highly recommend them both.
John Huynh

In 2011, Mike Rezaee helped my family and I find the home of our dreams.
In a time when short sales and foreclosures were taking months to buy, Mike helped us find a "regular sale" home.
Before finding our perfect house, Mike spent several hours with us patiently showing us home after home.
Having a large family with a specific budget, it was difficult to find a match, but we finally found it!
The negotiations weren't that simple due to the seller's financial needs with the purchase of HIS new home in San Diego.
(By the way - the seller is a realtor that represented himself.) Mike provided solid guidance during the negotiations.
When the seller tried to put up some road blocks, Mike anticipated them, and confidently and competently navigated
the deal to a close that we were very happy with.
Mike provided us with great service, flexibility, and patience during a very hectic time for my family and me.
I would gladly recommend his services!
Steve Meyberg